gravity free

by two djow69 (Dejo) and 8g (Age), live painting unit. djow69 1976 years Ibaraki Prefecture, was born. 8g 1977 years, Nagasaki Prefecture was born. “Only living painting is .LIVE itself the works is a LIVE” Based on this concept, draw a flow of air feeling and sound in the field, painting achieve the ever-changing. Successive abstract fantastic view of the world, to seek a “zero gravity” .

Gravity Free is a live painting unit by djow and 8g. Djow69 was born in 1976 in Ibaraki. 8g was born in 1977 in Nagasaki. Based on the concept, “Live painting is the LIVE, the LIVE is a piece of work”, their paintings are transforming in the scene of music stream. A continued abstract and fantastic vision of the world explores “gravity free”.2001 Beginning with the club event “FREE TRIBE”, started its activities in the center of the live house and club scene of the Kanto region, expansion.
2002 to 2005 regardless of the place or genre of music activities, session live paint of the BAND and DJ, also, such as PANTMIME and TAP DANCE, stacked collaboration with various artists, each other and influence, as if it were “BAND” experience Do activities. Mural / shaped object / event flyer / poster / CD side to spread the art and activities of the location to the direction of, such as, in the concept of what hundreds of stuff “LIVE”, live painting of gravity free along with the music goes undergone a growth .
2006 sense of groove of acoustic paint, supported by co-starring the artist and many of the audience, expand the playing field to the large outdoor festival, 2006 FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (Field Of Heaven Stage) / 2006 SUMMER SONIC / It appeared, such as the 2006 festival of Hakusan rainbow 2006 / Nagisa MUSIC fESTIVAL (wind STAGE) spring / fall.

2001 They Mainly Spread Out To Perform At Live Houses And Clubs In Kanto Area, Starting With The Club Event, “Free Tribe” In This Year.
2002 ~ 2005 Their Installation Art Incorporates At Any Space With Any Genre Of Music Such As, Bands DJs , pantomime artists, and tap dancers in the session live painting. In collaboration with variety of artists, they influence each other and experience the performance like a “band”. Besides expanding their art work into the field of paintings, figurative arts (sculptures) , Event Flyers, Posters, And CD Jackets, The Painting Of “Gravity Free” Is Progressing In Its Concept Of Several Hundreds Of “LIVE” With Music.

2006 Present The Groove Of Acoustic Paintings Are Accepted By Many Collaborated Artists And Their Spectators, Their field of performance expands to large-scale outdoor events such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 (Field of Heaven Stage), SUMMER SONIC 2006, HAKUSAN NIJI no MATSURI 2006, NAGISA MUSIC FESTIVAL (KAZE Stage) Spring / Fall 2006.